How to Create Own WhatsApp Stickers for Android & iOS Device

Like other messaging apps WhatsApp also added its new Stickers feature allowing its users to use it during their chatting. Sending stickers are a fun way during your chatting. Now you can also create your own stickers. Everyone wants to know about how to create them? If you are also one of them then this article completely belongs to you.

Today here on this page you will get the complete details about How to Create Own WhatsApp Stickers in Android and iOS devices. In the emoji section of the app you will find a new option named sticker. You can download more stickers from the sticker store. Also there is an option which allows you to download more stickers from Google Play Store.

In the sticker section you will find thousands of stickers. If you don’t find your desired sticker then you can create it. Follow the below available step by step guideline to create your own desired sticker.

What are WhatsApp Stickers ?

WhatsApp added the sticker option in late 2018 according to region wise. But now this option is available globally. Now WhatsApp allows everyone to send and receive stickers during their chat. You can use these pre-built stickers or create your own and send them during your chats.

There are many apps on Play Store which have thousands of stickers. You can download from there or combine your own created sticker with them. Stickers are different than GIF and emoji’s. Sending stickers during your chats is the best way to remove boredom during a long chat.

How to Find WhatsApp Stickers ?

As we have earlier discussed that WhatsApp has some its in-built stickers. Also it has more stickers which are from a third party that you can download them. To find WhatsApp Stickers open the inbox of any person. Here tap on ‘Smiley’ or ‘Emoji’ icon that is available beside type a message section. Then in the below you see Emoji, GIF and Sticker icon. Select sticker icon and you will find all pre-inbuilt stickers.

If you have downloaded or created your own stickers then you will find them all here. After that you can use them easily by tapping on a particular sticker that you want to send your friend. In the below we will discuss How to Create Own WhatsApp Sticker for Android and iOS device one by one.

But before discussing that all of need some pre-requisite things that are very essential to create your own sticker:

  • Latest Version of WhatsApp and an active account with one or more friends
  • Good Internet Connection
  • A little bit creative mind

How to Create WhatsApp Sticker For Android

If you are using Android device then here are a few simple steps which will help you to create your own sticker. As we all know that WhatsApp has no feature which will allow you to create your own sticker. You have to install an app from play store to create them.

There are many good apps in the google play store. Install any app and then follow these steps.

  1. Go to play store and search for ‘Sticker Maker for WhatsApp’ app.
  2. Download the app and then run it on your Android device.
  3. Tap on ‘+ button’ that is available in the bottom of the right corner and add a picture from your gallery.
  4. Now select ‘automatically’ to remove the background. Also you can remove or erase the background manually.
  5. Now add some text that you wanted to add in the available fonts. Also add emoji’s if you like.
  6. Pick any colour and then add a border around the pic to make it clean.
  7. ‘Save’ your own created sticker and choose ‘share’ button and then ‘WhatsApp’. After that send it to any chat you would like to send.

In this way you can create your own sticker. Now choose ‘add to WhatsApp’ and the sticker save to WhatsApp. You can also use it again. One more thing the sticker will saved in your installed application automatically. Reuse it anytime or make it more creative whenever you like.

More Apps to Create Stickers for WhatsApp in Android

In the above we have discussed a particular application. Here in the below we are providing a list of some related application of the above. These all apps have same features and same procedure to create your own stickers. These are:

  • Sticker Maker
  • Stickify
  • Sticker Maker by Inshot
  • BeSticky
  • Stickery
  • Sticker Studio

Install any application and create your own WhatsApp sticker in your android smartphone. Now follow the below steps to create WhatsApp Sticker in iOS device.

How to Create WhatsApp Sticker on iPhone/iPad

Like Android smartphone you can also create stickers in iPhone and iPad also. You can easily make WhatsApp sticker in iOS device by choosing a right application. Here we will discuss the complete steps by using an iOS application that we prefer. Also in the below we are providing some alternatives of this app. Use any app from these alternates that you like.

  1. At first like android device you have to install app from your iOS app store.
  2. After installation of this app tap on ‘+ button’ that is available at the bottom.
  3. Enter name in Sticker pack and then select ‘Create’.
  4. Here tap on ‘Add Sticker’ icon and then choose image that you want to use as sticker
  5. Now you will have to remove the background. Here you can remove the background automatically by selecting auto option. Also you can remove it manually by selection ‘Manual’ option.
  6. After that if you want to add text then tap on ‘Text’ icon.
  7. If you have completed the editing then press done button and after that save it by tapping on ‘Save’ option.

Like this way you can create many stickers. A sticker pack contain at least 3 stickers. After making a pack then visit sticker pack and add them on WhatsApp. Later you will find all the stickers on WhatsApp and find all sticker there.

More Apps On iPhone

Here in the below we have a list of some apps that are useful to you. You can use these apps to create your stickers.

  • Sticker Maker Studio
  • Create Stickers
  • PicksArt
  • Bazaart

According to your comfort and wish you can choose any on this application you want to create your own desired stickers.

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